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Hashflare officially shuts BTC Cloud mining of SHA_256


Sad news for cryptocurrency moguls. As one of the most recognized and trusted company for cloud mining contracts HashFlare was considered one of the top companies in the game.

But suddenly a couple of weeks ago they had without notice closed there profitability divisors as the price of bit coin kept on decreasing.

Today it was officially announced and contract buyers including us were informed by following email.

Quote,"Dear users!

As you know, the last few months have been a difficult time for the cryptocurrency market, which has also affected the operation of our service.
We have made every possible effort in order to resolve the problem that has arisen – for instance, we have considered a variety of technical solutions, which would have allowed us to lower expenses related to maintenance and electricity. However, due to the general instability of the market, the actions we have taken could not significantly influence the current situation. For over a month our users encounte…


SAMSUNG GALAXY A6+ Hey people! Samsung is the pioneer in producing different clans of mobile phones for different purposes and one such purpose is
the use in business and Samsung presents its A series for those business class of people.
here we present to you the latest from this clan which is the Galaxy A6+. Its a combination of a phone,
a PDA and a Communicator.
Use it any way but have strong faith that its not gonna disappoint you. So, Here are the specs of the phone.... Processor Octa-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53 Ram 4 GB Camera 16MP Back, 24 MP Front
Both camera have LED Flash Display 6.0" inches OS Android 8.0 (Oreo) Battery 3500 mAh

How to Use ECP RTS Application Step by Step..Election 2018


Election season is in full swing right now and definitely its one of the most important and intriguing election for our times. Not just by the means of public and political uplift and roar but also for the conduction of elections. As Election commission of Pakistan along with NADRA and IT department of Pakistan are working their way to make the process more transparent and quick as well as trustworthy.

One of the newest aspects of election 2018 is Electronic result transmission system application.

*** Please make sure that this tutorial is done in Android version of RTS training application for Educational Purpose only*** We take no credit for photos and images as well as application...
What is RTS?

It is a Mobile application for the Transmission of result directly to ECP and IT as well as NADRA. This Application will enable the polling staff to transmit the data of result of the polling directly from their polling station to the authorities RO, DROs etc.

Open Application
 Sign i…



Its official time to say Good bye to the Suzuki Mehran VX variant. The company has officially announced to stop taking orders for Suzuki Mehran VX from November 2018 and Suzuki Mehran VXR from March 2019.
For the last decade Pakistan has been the only country where this car has been in production and now it would stop being produced from November 2018.
On the other hand as Suzuki has previously announced that it will introduce a 660cc Alto in place of the Mehran, having most latest features, a better AC and comfortable interior and exterior.
Here is a quick look at the car that is expected to be introduced to Pakistan Market.

Following are the main reasons for discontinuity of the Car.

old and worn out designlack of modern features. lack of security features. For the Good change.

Audi A8 2018 Review : Hightech and Highly Comfortable car

Brilliant Headlights, amazing LEDs super sporty design and a lot more to view
 These are the things that the New Audi A8 is offering.
 The car is said to be the most high tech car.
So, let's see a quick review of the Audi A8 by CarWow.

OnePlus 6 : specs and Review.

OnePlus 6 : specs and Review. 

The All New OnePlus 6 is here
Here are its quick specs ... Over all as this phone was launched to be a flagship buster so it is doing that job quit effectively...With brilliant and Top of the class looks... a lot of vibrant colors to choose from .... a large, bright and eye catching display... Power to do whatever is possible from a smartphone these days and a lot more features.
The overall performance of the phone has been checked and tested by different reviewers and it has been found to be a multitasking Guru.
Many new technologies and integrated AI systems have made it a must have choice for those who want to enjoy specs of a flagship phone at a fraction of the cost.
So, Here are the specs of the phone....
Processor Octa-core (4x2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4x1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver) Ram 8 GB Camera 16MP Back, 16 MP Front Display 6.28" inches OS Android 8.1 (Oreo) Battery 3300 mAh Memory 128/256 GB GPU Adreno 630

OnePlus 6 A6003 Dual-SIM (64GB Stor…

Let's Discuss:- Buy a new Rolex or new Suzuki Mehran...Price is same choice is yours...

Both cost about 6500-7000 dollars...

If you buy a Suzuki Mehran:-

You become one of the 90 percent of the car owners of Pakistan and India who have ever bought a car and become one of the 99% people who have learned to drive a car on this car.What you get for such a price tag you ask, well not really more then just a roof to give you a cover on top of a 796 CC engine which is actually more suited to a motorcycle then car. Four Seating capacity a family car with Zero yes literally Zero safety features and if you get a working AC that is your luck. Then comes the cost, buying cost a side as it is cheapest car to own in mid southeastern countries it is actually costlier to drive then you think as regular monthly maintenance is more imminent to avoid engine heating suspension bumping and battery deaths. Cost value also keeps on decreasing as you drive it first time. Still as more then 90 percent people can not think of buying even this car its more then a delicacy to us south eastern Asia…